US-based Neurosurgeon and Complex Spine Fellow visits FOCOS

Dr. Yusef Imani Mosley, a Neurosurgeon and Complex Spine Fellow from the US is on a three- week visit to FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital.

During his first day at the hospital, Dr. Mosley described his experience as a learning and teaching one, which he anticipates will be of mutual benefit to himself as well as the hospital. He will be assisting Prof. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei to perform some pediatric complex spine surgeries as well as consulting on other spine related complications.


Prior to his visit to Ghana, he spent some time in Guatemala as a medical volunteer and had tenures in two different Hospitals in China as a visiting Neurosurgery Resident and Complex Spine Fellow. “This is my first time at FOCOS but I learned about Dr. Boachie and the amazing work he has done in the US and also in Accra so I wanted an opportunity to work closely with him and learn as much as I can,” said Dr. Mosley.

He concluded that, he is excited about the opportunity to learn the diverse Ghanaian cultures and share his experience in pediatric scoliosis and severe spinal deformities with the FOCOS team.

Dr. Mosley attended Emory University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. He received his Medical Degree at University of North Carolina School of Medicine and proceeded with his Fellowship training in Pediatric Spine Deformity at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. His Residency training in Neurosurgery was completed at the University of South Florida. He currently works in the Department of Neurosurgery at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital has in the last decade proven itself as a Center of Excellence for many medical volunteers around the world to visit and acquire knowledge.

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