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    (+233) 302-215 903
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    (+233) 302-215 900
  • Hotline Number
    (+233) 504-750-090
  • Research

      FOCOS is dedicated to the research and education of orthopedics.  FOCOS recognizes that developing nations provide valuable information on the epidemiology, natural history, and treatment outcomes of spine disorders and other musculoskeletal conditions.

      Each mission trip, FOCOS brings a USA based research team to assisit and work alongside the Ghana research team.

      FOCOS research and education programs include:

      • Clinical data collection and secure web-based data entry
      • Ongoing school screenings
      • Conferences and workshops for local health care professionals
      • Patient outreach and prevention forums and events

      Education efforts expand beyond the borders of Africa. Several FOCOS Ghana doctors and nurses have traveled to New York to study at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

      During these fellowships, the international visitors observe and learn about the latest developments in medicine.  New knowledge is taken back to FOCOS partners to be practiced and implemented.

    • Emergency Case

      If you need a doctor urgently outside of FOCOS opening hours, call emergency appointment number for emergency service.
    • Doctors Timetable

      Here at FOCOS we have individual doctor's lists. Click read more below to see services and current timetable for our doctors.
    • Opening Hours

      • Monday - Thursday
        8.00 - 08.00
      • Friday
        8.00 - 08.00
      • Saturday
        8.00 - 08.00
      • Sunday
        8.00 - 08.00
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