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  • Hospital Leadership

      Our management team is guided by a dynamic group of leaders who are driven by our mission to secure the health and well-being of every patient in our care. Our leadership team includes members of the Medical Board, management and senior executives. Their backgrounds are diverse, but they share a common goal – to set the standards of excellence in orthopaedic health care and to lead the hospital with their wealth of knowledge and experience, their compassion for people and their dedication to the individuals and communities in Ghana and beyond. They are committed and dedicated to the cause here at FOCOS Hospital. Meet them here, select a name to view more information on that team member.

      Senior Executive

       Prof. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei – CEO, Surgeon-in-Chief

       Dr. Joseph Ogyaadu – Associate Medical Director

       Dr. Irene Adorkor Wulff – Chief of Anaesthesia

      Medical and Clinical Staff Leadership

      Prof. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei – Surgeon-in-Chief, Medical Director

      Dr. Joseph Ogyaadu – Associate Medical Director, Orthopaedic Services

      Dr. Irene Adorkor Wulff – Chief of Anaesthesia & Peri-Operative Services

      Dr. Gerhard Ofori Amankwah – Director of Medical Services and Allied Health

      Jemima Owusu, RN – Director of Nursing


      Edith Nkrumah – Senior Finance Manager

      Rebecca Essilfie, RN – Nurse Manager


      Accreditation Subcommittee


      To promote excellence in clinical training, appropriate educational and learning experiences and effective supervision through accreditation of health services to ensure the highest standards of patient safety and medical care.


      Resident Orthopaedic Consultant, Joseph Ogyaadu, MD – Chair

      Head of Medical Services – Rufai Mahmud, MD

      Representative from Administration – Vivian Kumasah

      Other members co-opted as necessary

      Transfusion/Blood Bank Subcommittee – Terms of Reference


      The Transfusion Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring the safe and effective use of blood and blood products. This Committee reports to the Clinical Staff Executive Committee.


      Chief of Anaesthesia, Irene Wulff, MD – Chair

      Nurse Manager – Rebecca Essilfie

      Representatives from Administration, ICU, Patient Care Services, and other service as recommended by the committee Chair.

      Credentials Committee


      The Credentials Committee shall review and evaluate the qualifications of each Applicant for initial appointment, reappointment or modification of appointment to the Clinical Staff in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Credentials Manual and the Medical Staff Bylaws.  The Credentials Committee shall recommend to the Medical Executive Committee and the Medical Board appointment or denial of all Applicants to the Clinical Staff and the granting of Clinical Privileges.  When appropriate, the Credentials Committee shall interview a Member or Applicant and/or the Chair of the involved Department in order to resolve questions about appointment, reappointment, or change in privileges.

      The Credentials Committee shall also serve as the investigatory body for all matters set forth in Medical Staff Bylaws.


      Chief Executive Officer/Surgeon in chief/Medical Director, Prof. Boachie-Adjei – Chair

      Orthopaedic Consultant – Joseph Ogyaadu, MD

      Neurosurgeon Consultant – Harry Akoto, MD

      Director of Nursing – Jemima Owusu, RN

      Members of the Clinical Staff serving on the Credentials Committee shall be eligible to vote on Credentials Committee matters.

      Medical Education Committee – Terms of Reference


      It is the aim of the Education Subcommittee to promote the development of appropriate educational activities and programs for clinical staff including residents, fellows and allied health professionals of the hospital. It also acts to advise the accreditation sub-committee on appropriate educational standards for the hospital to ensure appropriate infrastructure and support of its clinical staff. In addition, it seeks to assist with the dissemination of information and exchange of ideas in relation to medical education between hospitals locally and in Africa.


      Senior General Practitioner, Rufai Mahmud, MD – Chair

      Academic Coordinator – Afua Asomaning

      Quality Assurance and Mortality & Morbidity


      The Quality Assurance Committee assists the Medical board in overseeing and ensuring the quality of clinical care, patient safety, and customer service provided throughout the hospital.

      • The goal will be to increase patient confidence and the credibility of FOCOS Hospital, as well as improve work processes and efficiency.


      Chief of Anaesthesia, Irene Wulff, MD – Chair

      Director of Nursing – Jemima Owusu, RN

      Nurse Manager – Rebecca Essilfie

      Neuro Surgeon – Harry Akoto, MD

      General Practitioner – Rufai Mahmud, MD

      Senior Finance Manager – Edith Nkrumah

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