FOCOS receives a delegation of medical consultants from HSS

FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital has received a delegation of medical consultants form the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.
The medical consultants include: Sports Medicine and Arthroplasty Surgeon Dr. Michael Maynard, Dr. Paul Cooke Attending Physiatrist and Dr. Carlo Milani also a Fellow in Physiatry Spine and Sports Medicine are embarking on a five-day medical visit.

The primary aim of Dr. Cooke’s visit is to provide an alternative to surgery for patients with musculoskeletal disorders to restore their functioning. Additionally, he will be seeing patients with spine conditions, lower back conditions, lumbar spinal stenosis, disc herniation, neck cervical spine disorders, joint problems, hip arthritis, knee arthritis, shoulder problems among others. . He also has keen interest in regenerative medicine and image-guided injection procedures for musculoskeletal pain.

On the other hand, Dr. Maynard will be running a clinic together with Dr. Joseph Ogyaadu to do about 10 surgical procedures mostly knee and shoulder. He will also be seeing conditions like anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions and other sports related injuries.
“I am trying to bring a sports medicine competency here to help develop arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee. I will also hope that I can help by instituting a program in arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgery at FOCOS that can be continued in my absence, Dr. Maynard added.

Speaking at Hospital’s morning conference, Dr. Cooke said, “Each year we visit we build upon what we did the previous year so my expectation is to see the Physiatry presence at FOCOS continue to grow and get referrals from outside providers as a Physiatry Center of Excellence in Ghana”.

Dr. Carlo Milani, who is visiting Ghana FOCOS for the first time, will be seeing patients with debilitating spinal conditions and also evaluate them to ascertain whether they can be indicated for a procedure that can alleviate their pain and allow them to do therapy that will restore their functioning. He will be supporting Dr. Cooke with his clinic and provide assistance to patients.

Dr. Paul Cooke is a board certified physiatrist at HSS in New York specializing in the non-operative care of spine, sports medicine and musculoskeletal injuries. He is also the Assistant Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College.
He completed his undergraduate studies at Princeton University and further graduated from both medical school and residency training in the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School where he served as Academic Chief Resident. He then pursued advanced

training with a fellowship in Physiatry Spine and Sports Medicine at Hospital for Special Surgery.
Dr. Michael Maynard practices at the prestigious Hospital for Special Surgery and is among the first surgeons to develop skills and experience in the arthroscopic treatment of disorders affecting the hip joint. Dr. Maynard also served as the Chief of Orthopedics at Helen Hayes Hospital and at the Bronx VA Hospital, where he was responsible for educating and supervising HSS physicians who provide orthopedic care to patients.

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